“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea” – Seth Godin


At the Wonder tribe, we thrive on connecting people, connecting leaders, connecting ideas. We bring together services, people, technology to open minds and deliver sustainable change.


We activate events, experiences, we build teams, we build programs, we build culture. We facilitate meaningful communication and help you unleash creativity, productivity and innovation in your business.


We build teams. We build programs. We build culture. We build strategy. We build process.


Builders are the people who bring your blueprint to life.


We gather humans and services and technology to help you bring your plans to life.


We headhunt.

We recruit.

We create bespoke programs to change mindsets.


We connect dots. We connect people. We connect ideas.


Connectors see possibilities, opportunities and potential fit.


We connect seemingly disparate concepts, ideas, proposals to make your business goals come to life. We connect you with ideas, services, people to get the job done.


We gather teams. We gather tribes. We gather organisations.


We design and facilitate big and little get-togethers. From a 10 person team gathering or offsite to 2,000 human tribal gathering. We produce mind-altering experiences from to and more.


We design experiences and programs to inspire your people.


From growth mindset, the neuroscience of creativity, the neuroscience of innovation, how to start a business, how to be more innovative, unleashing creativity, productivity and innovative thinking in your business is our jam. We leverage emerging research and trends to design experiences to inspire your people.


From workshops to expos and town halls, when we get involved, there are no soggy sandwiches and boring presentations. We bring your communications and experiences to life.


We are very serious about play.


We teach adults the art of play through workshops, 1:1 coaching and experience architecture. We expose you to different thinking, experiences and ways of doing things to unleash more play in your world.


We reimagine work.


We are obsessed with creating flexible and productive ways of working and experiment with all kinds of creative modus operandi so that we can advise you on ways to get things done. When you come to us with a problem, we will offer creative solutions that reimagine how to solve your problem in a sustainable way.


We have delivered “Communications as a Service”, “Event Architecture Consulting”, “Business Development as a Service”, “Sponsorship Fundraising” and more. The answer isn’t always about hiring someone full time. There are other creative ways to resource and we help show you how.

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