The Wonder Tribe, like any tribe, started as an idea that then connected with other ideas and people and eventually grew legs. What would happen if we pulled together people, technology and creative solutions to open minds and encourage creativity, productivity and innovation in business? We delivered some workshops and designed some large scale events and then people started to help us evolve our business.


“Can you help me build my tribe?”

“Can you help us deliver this project?”

“Can you help us solve this problem?”

“Can you help us create meaningful change with our people?”

“Can you help inspire different thinking in our teams?”

“Can you help us change the culture?”

“Can you help us reimagine work?”

Our service offering has been shaped by these questions and by the awesome outcomes we have achieved with our clients. We love when they come back to us with “I’m not sure if this is what you do, but we were wondering if you could help us…” – if you’re wondering, chances are we are your tribe.

What is with the cockatoos?


Cockatoos are inquisitive and curious. They are resilient and adaptable. The males and females incubate and raise their young together, these birds get equality. They hang out in tribes. They are social and connected. Cockatoos are highly intelligent birds.



The Wonder Tribe is all of this and more. We believe in equality. In radically changing the way we do things. In creating the future. We believe humans are at the centre of every business, that learning is an ongoing adventure! We believe that humans are wired for wonder, to think, to be curious. We believe leaders primary responsibility is to provide direction and to create an environment where people can thrive. We believe in teams, in tribes, coming together and doing great work. We believe that culture is a sum of how your people think feel and behave, the results they produce and the way you get things done.

We aren’t your average consultancy.


We are part of your tribe, here to help you wonder, here to help you get the results you dream of.

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